Proven Strategies

Our unique Strategies and Skills for both the Essay and Comprehension components ensure that your learning will be systematic and effective.

Sustained Learning

Our lessons are designed and built upon a follow-up system, ensuring that Strategies and Skills learnt in your lessons accumulate in real learning outcomes.

Awesome Resources

Our learning environment incorporates the latest SMART board technology and online learning resources, ensuring that real world and real-time developments are incorporated seamlessly into your Essay and Application Question responses.

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  • Augustine is the Founding Director of Augustine Chan General Paper Specialist (ACGPS)
  • Author of the Answer Guide for the General Paper 10-year series, published in collaboration with Fairfield Book Publishers
  • Awarded the Certificate of Honour for Inspirational Mentorship by His Excellency S R Nathan, the former President of the Republic of Singapore in 2009
  • A founding member of community movement SPLAT! which clinched the Gold Award of the Youth Service-Learning Award in 2008 and the President’s Award For Volunteerism in 2012
  • Author of a poetry anthology ‘Maiden’ published in 2002 and the 1st Prize winner of the 2017 24-Hour Playwriting Competition organised by Theatreworks and supported by The National Arts Council

Be it to overcome present difficulties in General Paper or to ace your examinations at the A Levels,
ACGPS shares with you strategies and techniques to achieve your aims.

— Augustine Chan, General Paper Specialist


We share strategies and skills developed over 13 years and 15,000 hours of teaching General Paper tuition. Our classes in Bishan provide a conducive learning environment for students across multiple learning attributes and aptitudes.

For a sample of what you can learn in a class at ACGPS (and more), take a look at our resources page or check out some of the past A-level GP questions. You can also view some sample essays here.

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ACGPS believes in the relevance of General Paper as both an academic subject and a life-skill.

Having spent 13 years teaching the subject and more than 20 years immersed in it since my days as a student, I believe that a good grounding in General Paper will prepare students well for the dynamic and uncertain social and work landscape of the future.

One of my core beliefs is that students may not have a good understanding of General Paper either in terms of skills for the various components or content knowledge. Sometimes, students may be missing in both skills and content knowledge for the subject.

The solution for these challenges center on making learning an efficient process. Some of the techniques I share with students involve the use of mnemonics and memory recollection techniques to help you generate ideas under the mentally and emotionally demanding conditions of the major examinations.

Other techniques involve pre-setting and pre-positioning key ideas and concepts during our tuition sessions which can then be readily applied for both the essay and Application Question (AQ) segments of the paper.