Hi GP students,

You may want to have a look at this article and useful resource from The Conversation. It highlights on-going developments in the Middle-East that may be relevant to those of you preparing topics on the following:

a.  War & Conflict

b.  Political developments (especially on the specific concept of vulnerable, weak or failed states)

c.  Religion

Two questions from the previous A Level years Paper 1 which this information can be incorporated within would be:

1.  2015, Qn 4;  ‘No cause is ever worth dying for.’ Discuss.

The Conversation article here illustrates insidious and controversial appeal of terrorist ideology to disaffected citizens in a weakened state such as Iraq.

 It would be useful as an illustration on a ‘partially agree’ point on for this question: Against their better moral judgment, some people may be pressurized because of political developments in their country that push or pressurize them into adopting terrorist ideologies that glorify death or martyrdom as an act of patriotism.


2.  2014, Qn 10; ‘Getting what one wants in life matters.’ Discuss.

For this question, the use of violence to achieve one’s political ideologies reflects the inhumane nature of terrorist ideology that begins and ends in violence.

The references to terrorist organization’s use of technology and other means of sowing terror illustrate well a ‘strongly disagree’ position: that it is morally repugnant or unacceptable to achieve violent political aims for one’s ideology or cause at the the expense of innocents’ lives.

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