Hi GP students,

You may want to have a look at this article and useful resource from The Conversation.

It highlights a recent innovation in bio-chemistry that may be relevant to those of you preparing Science & Technology as one of your main General Paper essay topics for the A levels.

Two questions from the previous A Level years Paper 1 which this information can be incorporated within would be:

1. 2015, Qn 6 ‘In your society, how well are the needs of the economy and the environment balanced.’

For this essay, plastic-eating bacteria would be a useful illustration of a new technological innovation that your society (Singapore for most of you) that is being discussed / explored by industries and the government as an additional means to further ensure sustainable development and the disposal of waste. It is thus a useful illustration for a point that ‘agrees to a fair extent’ with the question.


2. 2014, Qn 9’ To what extent can the regulation of scientific or technological developments be justified?’

For this essay, you may want to consider the potential and as yet unknown implications of this new technology and how widely it is implemented once it is proven to be successful.

The issue would revolve around businesses which patent this product and how much they may charge the public for the use of it. Regulation and in some cases, a price cap on what is essentially a public good may then have to be enacted by relevant government agencies to prevent profiteering.

Thus, this is useful illustration for a point that ‘supports to a large extent’ the question statement.

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