Hi GP students,

You may want to have a look at this article and useful resource from The Conversation.

It raises some interesting positions and theories on achievement gaps for immigrant communities in the United States. This will be relevant to those of you preparing topics on the following:

a.      Inequality

b.      Education

c.      Politics and Government

Two questions from the previous A Level years Paper 1 which this information can be incorporated within would be:

1. 2013, Qn 11;  ‘Education should only be concerned with what is useful in life.’ Discuss.

The Conversation article here attribute a lack of language learning as a root cause for achievement gaps for immigrant children and youth in the United States educational system.  .

This is useful in addressing the question from a ‘strongly agree’ position: for societies which have faced a persistent challenge in adequately preparing their young for the modern world, education should prioritize and direct high levels of resources to developing basic skills critical to the learning and developmental process of their young.


2. 2012, Qn 11; ‘The key criterion for good government is how well the economy is managed.’ Is this a fair assessment?’

The article considers how inequality in the United States raises barriers to effective learning for immigrant communities.

The issues raised here are thus useful to illustrate a ‘largely disagree’ position:   good economic management by itself may widen the rich-poor divide and demonstrate poor governance.

Instead, effective social policies in education should be elevated as a criterion for good governance as they are more critical to eradicating inequality, which may sometimes be an unintended result of good or overly zealous economic management in the first place.

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