Hi GP students,

You may want to have a look at this article and useful resource from The Conversation.

It highlights the tragic and on-going modern slave trade or similar exploitative practices caused by globalization and some efforts to address the issue. This will be relevantto those of you preparing topics on the following:

a.  Human rights

b.  Economic globalization

c.  Prejudice and discrimination

Two questions from the previous A Level years Paper 1 which this information can be incorporated within would be:

1.   2014, Qn 2;  ‘How far should firms be allowed to limit their workers’ rights when profits are at stake?’

The Conversation article here illustrates the moral need or imperative to enforce ethical and fair compensation for workers, especially in societies where gaps in human rights interpretation and enforcement may tempt firms into ignoring or downplaying workers’ rights to fair compensation or other rights.

It would be useful as an illustration on a ‘strongly disagree’ point for this question: Firms should never be allowed to use falling profits as an excuse to cut back on their legal and moral obligations to their workers. Societies that excuse such deplorable behavior would in the long-run be complicit in creating unjust societies that favor the powerful and rich at the expense of the poor.


2.   2013, Qn 12; ‘How far, in your society, should unpopular views be open to discussion?’

For this question, the often understated extent of our country (Singapore’s) reliance on global supply chains can be discussed. Many of our products may be derived or have their origins in countries with controversial or under-reported human rights issues.

Thus, the issues raised here are useful to illustrate a ‘strongly agree’ position: unpopular views which compel us to review our personal consumption habits and focus on fair trade as well as ethical consumerism should be more openly discussed, given our present lack of attention to the matter.

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